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"My Soul Sings Jesus" ©

My Soul Sings Jesus ©

My Soul Sings Jesus is a devotional of intimate celebrations of our oneness with God. My Soul Sings Jesus is and outward expression of an inner song of worship and reverence for the Lord. There are days when my song is sung from my heart to his and other days when he sings to my soul.

“So what should I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind. I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind” (I Corinthians 14:15).

We are created in the likeness and image of God and he desires that we have fellowship with him. We are his highest creation and God desires intimate relationship with us. We often times seek God in our time of trouble and despair and in those times we find him because he is gracious and merciful towards us. Through his loving-kindness he listens and answers our desperate cries and even our inaudible groans. However, our heavenly Father longs to hold us near throughout every day, and this kind of relationship is developed through daily prayer.

Our ultimate destination is to reside in his Presence forever, to bask in the light of glory and to suffer “no more”. Our deepest desire is to be free of the weight of life, its fear, pain, and diseases. Although prayer is the mechanism through which we can experience this freedom too often we fail to give enough time to answer his call and embrace. God is always available waiting for the awakening of our souls.

Once this awakening takes place we become acutely aware of the existence of the empty place inside of us hungry for fulfillment. This craving and longing can only be satisfied by the One true source, our Creator Father God. The longing we experience is actually the call of God saying to us come to me and rest. Rest with me, I will give to you everything you truly need; I will fill you with more love, more power, wisdom, and strength. It is God alone who will give you peace that surpasses understanding, comfort and shelter from the storms of life.

Our devotion to God must come from within. The heart that seeks after God will find him and the benefits of that search is boundless. Through prayer we can find the resting place of the all-knowing all-powerful God. This all-knowingness provides a kind of melodic vibration soothing and healing to the seeming ills of the soul. The music of the soul changes our focus from the chaos of the outer and begins to seek after Jesus. The cry of the soul becomes music to the ear of God and thus we find all we need to sustain us, heal us, protect us and keep us from falling into utter despair.

The song of the soul is a means by which we can experience God’s embrace and comfort. Our souls actually seek to find and sing the melody that is not of this world but rather the joyous, perfect, precious sound of Jesus. It has the perfect pitch, and its vibrations overshadow every other song. The song of our soul is the joy of Jesus and the power of His presence that satisfies completely. The song of Jesus can be described in the words of Jeremiah; 'it’s like fire shut up in my bones!'

Whatever you stand in need of you can find it as you pray, praise and glorify God from within. You were created for Him and He delights in your company; He is always waiting, wanting to hear your personal song of praise and whispers of prayer. If we will turn within and recognize the Source and draw from this Source, we will find a gift of grace in those moments when life burdensome trails invade our senses, we will find a place of refuge and mercy in a most glorious way. Prayer provides the soul a cocoon to surrounds us with an undeniable, unexplainable peace; a complete joy and indescribable melodies love.

This forty day prayer journal contains prayers that flowed from my soul’s prayers during a forty day prayer journey. I pray they will open your heart and mind to focus on the power and presence of God. I pray your soul will begin to sing its own song and you will record your soul song on the prayer journal pages.

According to scripture the number forty signifies completion. As your soul begins to sing its own song and you will find complete joy in his presence. I pray you will have a new experience in your personal quiet time even in the middle of your days. I pray God will reveal himself to you in a profound new way. God is always waiting to fill you with the assurance of his love for you; his desire to have an intimate, and a personal relationship with you. I have prayed for all whom God has directed to read this book; as you spend forty days of prayer, writing and meditating on His Word each of will experience His presence, peace and power within their souls. May your heart and his heart become one.

“After all, what gives us hope and joy, and what will be our proud reward and crown as we stand before our Lord Jesus when he returns? It is you!”
(I Thessalonians 2:19). NT

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